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The Toe Bro

The Toe Bro follows Jonathan Tomines, a foot specialist who treats a range of shocking foot problems for patients who come from far and wide seeking his help. The Toe Bro has helped over 5,000 foot patients and there is nothing he wont clip, slice, or scoop until suffering is a thing of the past. These oddly satisfying and cringe-worthy procedures, combined with Jonathans friendly bed-side manner, leave patients with newfound confidence and viewers fascinated by his achievements. Each hour-long episode follows four patients on a mission to fix their hidden and painful secret who look to The Toe Bro for help. Viewers follow each case from consultation to recovery and everything in between. From runaway fungus to ingrown toenails, from odd-protrusions to warts, pincer nails, and strange embedded objects, The Toe Bro has seen and treated it all. With hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, patients seek him out via social media knowing hes the man to get the job done

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TMDb: 7.3